Eco-Friendly Pet Cremation

We are proud to offer the gentle, eco-friendly alternative to flame cremation for your pets.  Ziemer Pet Memorial is the only Tri-State area pet cremation service that utilizes a bio-cremation process that is an eco-responsible alternative to flame cremation. An alkaline water bath is used to accelerate the natural decomposition process and return the body to it's mineral form. Bio-cremation is energy efficient and does not produce any emissions of harmful greenhouse gases. The bone ash rendered after the bio-cremation process is pathogen and disease free and is 100% safe to be handled.

Private Cremation Care

Individual Cremation of your pet. Only your pet's cremains will be returned to you.

Community Cremation Care

Your pet will be cared for onsite, in a community cremation. Because of this communal nature, your pet's cremated remains will not be returned, but scattered in our memory garden.

Please call Ziemer Pet Memorial Center at (812) 431-7035 for more details on the personalized services we offer.